Retirement and Financial Services

APIS... Your Federal Employee Benefits Specialist.

We offer a complete federal employee benefits analysis. Calculating your pension is critical. Knowing how to invest in your TSP is important, and your FEGLI is a legacy you can leave for your family. You will have a complete understanding of your benefits with a one on one consultation.

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Counseling

We offer a complete Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) review. In this counseling session, we will talk about the following topics to help you understand your policy better.

  • Needs Analysis

  • Current Coverage Review

  • Spouse Coverage Review

  • Current Coverage Cost

  • Alternative Coverage

  • Return of Premium Alternative Coverage

  • Premium Savings Potential

  • Policy Conversion

  • Beneficiary Review

 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Counseling

Your TSP investment account can tremendously impact your financial future. For 30 minutes, we will teach you about the following topics so that you can protect your family for the next 30 years.

  • Contributions

  • Catch Up Contributions

  • Buying and Selling Shares

  • Spousal Rights

  • Withdrawal Options

  • Fund Review

  • Roth TSP

Lunch and Learn

Have a general overview your federal benefits! For one hour, you can learn about any of the following:
  • TSP


  • Dental and Vision

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • Retirement Q and A

TSP Counseling Workshop

For 3 hours, we will discuss the following topics with your members/employees:

  • Contributions/Catch Up Contributions

  • Spousal’s Rights

  • Funds Review

  • Withdrawal Options

  • Buying and Selling Shares

  • Survivor’s Options

  • TSP After Retirement

Financial Planning and Retirement Workshop

This workshop lasts for five hours and will tackle the following topics:


  • Social Security

  • TSP


  • Survivor Benefits

  • FSA

  • Retirement Calculations

  • Financial Planning

  • Sick Leave

  • Annual Leave

Benefits Analysis

Understand your benefits as a federal or postal employee will with your benefits analysis. This is a one on one counseling session that will cover the following: Estimated Retirement Pension, Eligibility Retirement Date, High-3 Average Salary, Survivor’s Options, FERS Supplement (if Applicable), FEGLI Coverage and Future Premiums,

  • Estimated Retirement Pension

  • Eligibility Retirement Date

  • High-3 Average Salary

  • Survivor’s Options

  • FERS Supplement (if Applicable)

  • FEGLI Coverage and Future Premiums

  • TSP Withdrawal options