FL & TX Dental (MetLife)

Our Dental Plan

Receive quality oral healthcare with a DHS dental plan. Designed specifically for Federal employees and their dependents to help save you money.

Dental Rates

Bi-Weekly Rates

$13.00 Single $15.00 Single
$21.00 + One $23.00 + One
$31.00 + 2 or More $34.00 + 2 or More

Benefits of Choosing This Plan

  • No Waiting Periods

  • No Deductibles

  • Very Low Co-Payments

  • No Yearly Maximum

  • No Lifetime Maximum

  • Dependents Covered Until Age 26

About the Dental Plan

This dental care insurance plan is offered to Florida and Texas residents only. The duration of the contract lasts for a minimum of a year, guaranteed through December 31, 2022. You will be eligible for the plan 45-60 days after the payroll deduction is processed.


You will be fully eligible for your plan 30-45 days after your payroll deduction has been processed. The contract will last for a minimum of one year. If you wish to learn more, contact us today.

Providing MetLife Dental Plans for Florida and Texas Federal Employees

If you’re a federal or postal employee living in Florida and Texas, then you’re eligible for the MetLife Dental plan. It allows you to choose from thousands of general dentists in Florida, for you to have access to quality dental care. We also have no open enrollment period, so you can apply at any time of the year.